datafiles and tbs

behave carefully in deleting datafiles,u’d better clean datafiles by dropping tablespaces, instead of dropping datafiles directly

Oracle Validated

oracle validated is great stuff to resolve the rpm package problems on oracle, here comes the infor from online doc:
1.3.4 About the Oracle Validated Configuration RPM
If the Linux distribution is Oracle Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and you are an Unbreakable Linux customer, then you can complete most preinstallation configuration tasks by using the Oracle Validated Configurations Setup RPM, available from the Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN), or available on the Oracle Linux DVD disks.

When it is installed, the Oracle Validated Configuration RPM does the following:

•Automatically installs any additional packages needed for installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database.

•Creates an oracle user, and creates the oraInventory (oinstall) and OSDBA (dba) groups for that user

•Sets and verifies sysctl.conf settings, system startup parameters, user limits, and driver parameters to values based on recommendations from the Oracle Validated Configurations program


本例子的环境是oracle linux 4 update 8,的patch


3.create instance,TAF配置
为整个cluster创建每个节点的instance,别忘记配置TAF,RAC的TAF原则是配置一个总体的对外服务的service name,这里的service name与之前配置的instance name
,gloabel name不是一个概念。在method的选择上,选择”basic”

4.service name and cluster name
service name与cluster name最好不要重名,否则在创建实例的时候,会报错:fail to create configuration for services “rac” of cluster database “rac”
service name cannot be same as the database default service name rac