pay attention as exporting the object from the oracle 11g

please pay attention when someone is trying to export the data from the oracle 11g and it’s better to use expdp as default export tools,because tables without rows(0 rows) will not be exported by exp which may lead the incorrectness when you import the dmp file

change the password of sys on rac

We can login the rac by ‘sqlplus sys/password@tnsnames as sysdba’ from the remote machine,if you want to change the password on RAC, maybe you need to alter user sys idenfied by ‘passwd’ on each nodes when the ORApwdfile was located in local disk on each nodes instead of shared disk.
for example, you need to do alter user sys on every nodes in the RAC,because the orapwd file was seperated on the nodes.
1.the easiest way:just do the alter user sys.. on each nodes and make the password the same one.

2.put the orapwdfile as just one file for every nodes on shared disk,as you change the password on one nodes,it can notify the changes to single orapwd file through the shard disk.