the group and owner infor of OCR,VOTEING DISK

oracle clusterware安装过程中,需要ocr、voting disk,其宿主、权限一直存在误区,例如:660,640,oracle:oinstall等等。

今天在看”2 Day + Real Application Clusters Guide”才发现如下的截图:

2个ocr应该是root:oinstall的宿主设置,mode值应当是640。3个voting disk宿主是oracle:oinstall,而mode值也是640。

sdg,sdh,sdi都是给ASM instance使用,宿主为通常理解的oracle:oinstall,mode值为660.



Modify the /etc/oratab file on each node in the cluster, adding in the
appropriate instance information.

Note: In a single-instance database, setti ng the last field of each entry
to N disables the automatic startup of a database when the server it
runs on is restarted. For an Oracle RAC database, these fields are set
to N because Oracle Clusterware starts the instances and processes,
not the dbstart utility.