Database startup hangs on Windows when machine has more than 64 cores

之前的客户遇到问题,平台是windows server 2008 R2 x64,安装oracle10.2.0.4这个版本,软件的安装顺畅无比,只是在dbca建库的时候hang住了,停在了2%附近,长时间没有反应。我让他仔细看看安装介质zip中的readme文件,里面明确的写着如下的提示信息:

If installing on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, then patchset or higher must be used. (My Oracle Support)

于是建议打上10205的补丁,再次dbca建库的时候就ok了。但这里强调的并不是readme的遗漏,有个bug与windows平台相关,这就是在server具备很多个cpu core时,会在启动instance的时候hang住,详细的bug信息如下,需要10204 patch 39才能修复,或则将一些cpu在bios上disable,这个bug主要发生在10204上,而与win2k3或者win2k8不相关。。


Bug 9772171  Database startup hangs on Windows when machine has more than 64 cores

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Product (Component) Oracle Server (Rdbms)
Range of versions believed to be affected Versions BELOW 12.1
Versions confirmed as being affected
Platforms affected
  • Windows 64bit (AMD64/EM64T)
  • Windows/NT/XP


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On Windows machines with more than 64 logical cores, the Oracle database
(oracle.exe) hangs on startup.

Rediscovery Notes:
Oracle process hangs on startup in a machine with 64+ CPUs.



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