oracle rac upgrade to

将现有的oracle rac升级至11.2.0.3。使用out-of-space方式来升级。使用rolling upgrade方式升级。

rolling upgrade的好处就是:确保至少有一个node是能够对外提供服务的。



Pre-requisite for to ASM Rolling Upgrade (Doc ID 1274629.1)

Upgrade to

If you are upgrading from previous version to, notice that upgrade process to has been improved that CVU is used to verify the Oracle prerequisite patches before starting the upgrade. The source home patches are checked during the installer OUI. The target home patches are checked during cluvfy -upgrade command line can also be used to check the upgrade pre-requsite check.

For example, if cluvfy says it's missing patch for bug 9413827, then you need to apply patch 9413827 (instead of patch 9706490), because cluvfy on some platform only check for patch 9413827.


改进的地方在CVU,可以使用cluvfy来做升级之前的检查。 Continue reading “oracle rac upgrade to”