GSD offline in 10g RAC

The function of GSD (10g and above) is to service requests for 9i RAC management clients and therefore when there are no 9i databases present, there is nothing for GSD to do. Consequently, there will be no impact on a RAC cluster if GSD is offline and 9i is not used.

You may meet the situation that the GSD resource is offline in CRS stack,you can leave it alone.But you may meet the problem of long time running when you restart the CRS deamon,you can speed it up by the following trick as MOS note “GSD Is Used Only if 9i RAC Database is Present (Doc ID 429966.1)” described.

For 10g,you can follow this:

Disable GSD (pre 11.2)
After confirming that there are no 9i databases being used you can disable GSD by adding 'exit 0' after the initial comments in the script $ORACLE_HOME/bin/gsdctl where $ORACLE_HOME is the home from which nodeapps are running (i.e. crs home).

#case $ORACLE_HOME in  
# "") echo "****ORACLE_HOME environment variable not set!"  
# echo " ORACLE_HOME should be set to the main"  
# echo " directory that contains Oracle products."  
# echo " Set and export ORACLE_HOME, then re-run."  
# exit 1;;  
exit 0 ## Manually added as a temporary workaround 

finally,after you fix this issue,the startup of CRS will come much more quickly.