nagios:using check_http to monitor the url

here is a sample  to monitor the specific http url address in nagios conf file.

you can use the direct cmd to test if it works under shell

[root@cent libexec]# ./check_http -u /accounts/login/ -H 121.xx.10.xx
HTTP OK: HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 9555 bytes in 0.055 second response time |time=0.054723s;;;0.000000 size=9555B;;;0

that means that your cmd works well and detect the http service and feedback 200 ok.

edit the cfg file to add a config section

define service{
use                                     local-service
host_name                               seafile
service_description                     web http service for seafile portal login page
check_command check_http! -H 12x.xx.160.xx -u /accounts/login/
notifications_enabled                   1